Welcome, I'm Maya

Hello! I’m Maya, the founder of The Content Garden, A female-led creative studio dedicated to helping brands achieve their dreams through content and design. I have a degree in Fashion Promotion and experience working in social media from a young age.

My main goal is to work with brands, businesses and entrepreneurs whose main message and ideals align with my own. My clients are in the fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle industries with a focus on sustainability. I like to get to know the businesses I work with on a deeper level, to have a clear understanding of each client’s needs and values, and form an amazing collaborative experience with them!

When it comes to each brand, I don’t believe ‘one size fits all’, so I’m excited to get to know you and talk about the different things I can do for you!

A digital presence has now become an essential part of building a brand or business, & my aim is to help you have a consistent visual identity that communicates to your client.

The Story

The Content Garden

I’ve always had a passion for the digital world. It all started with a small makeup Youtube channel and a blog where I found a love in content creation and photography that led me to graduate in Fashion Promotion. After the pandemic, I built a blog and worked as an intern in Social Media. This made me realise I wanted to do this as a career but still wasn’t sure how to do it. I’d always dreamed of working for myself, and during the pandemic I realised instead of dreaming about it, I could just do it!

A garden of creativity